Agie Charmilles CUT 2000 OILTECH

Agie Charmilles CUT 2000 OILTECH

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Agie Charmilles CUT 2000 OILTECH

The CUT 2000 OilTech opens the door for the use of oil as a dielectric fluid in, for example, the machining of tungsten carbide tools for powder metallurgy, progressive dies for magnetic lamination of electric motors and transformers, high speed stamping tools for mass production of information and communication technology components, and parts production for luxury watches.

Year: 2012

Work hours: 9250h

Displacement X, Y, Z: 350 x 250 x 256
Displacement U, V: ± 70 (2.7)
Max. workpiece dimensions 750 x 550 x 250
* Max. workpiece weight 200
Max. cone angle / height: 30/100
Wire diameters 0.10 - 0.30 / 0.05 - 0.07
Thread spool: 25
Min. surface roughness (Ra): 0.07 (2.7) / 0.05 (2)

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