Agie Charmilles CUT 300 mS

Agie Charmilles CUT 300 mS

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Agie Charmilles CUT 300 mS Year 2013. Machine in perfect state, ready to use.


591.063.101 CUT 300 mS drop door

135.021.717 wire chopper

135.022.281 Big spool 25 kg for CUT 300 Sp/mS

135.018.750 Extra filter

135.022.276 Option wire Ø 0.07 mm

135.019.292 Taper-Expert Ø 0.25 mm

135.005.594 grease gun

135.021.823 Kit automation door Cut 300 Ms

135.022.223 E-control (remote alarm)

135.022.225 E-control software for robot

135-022.224 E-supervision software for robot

100-000.001 Signal light

104.433.460 Set wire guide Ø 0.10 mm

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