Charmilles CUT 550 P

Charmilles CUT 550 P

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Charmilles CUT 550 P

Manage your resources

Increase your efficiency with smart consumables

At the forefront of the Internet of Things, GF Machining Solutions presents SMART consumables, integrating RFID chips into wire and filter consumables to offer several efficiency-boosting benefits:

  • The machine automatically recognizes and parameterizes itself to work with the wire or filter you just installed. The risk of error is eliminated and consumables are more quickly replaced.
  • Increases machine availability by avoiding unnecessary breakdowns when wire or filter is finished.
  • Reduces your stock to the minimum.
  • All spool or filter data is registered and linked to the job to guarantee your complete process traceability.

Main specifications

Type of machining

Submerged wire-cutting

Dimensions of complete equipment2600 x 2640 x 2340 mm

Machining areaVertical sliding doorAutomatic

Max. workpiece dimensions (Top load)1200 x 275 x 400 mm

Max. workpiece dimensions (Front load)1000 x 700 x 400 mm

Max. workpiece weight1500 kg

Dimensions of table900 x 600 mm

Floor-to-table distance1000 mm

Total volume of dielectric1300 l

Main specifications

Total weight of equipment without dielectric3300 kg

TravelX, Y, Z travel550 x 350 x 400 mm

U, V travel 550 x 350 mmAxes

Max. speed (X, Y and U, V axes)3 m / min

Integrated Collision Protection (ICP)Standard on 5 axes

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